Back to the Body


Life on earth is good.

Ever since Plato convinced us that this world on earth is nothing but a mere copy of the so-called ideal, better, invisible world, many humans have pursued a life of search for the “ideal world,” forsaking the earthly one. We have, therefore, created an imbalance, a bias. .

The “Back to the Body” approach helps us correct that imbalance. Gone should be the day when one aspect of life is “superior” to another, when one group of people is “more important” than another, when one aspect of reality has “priority” over another.

Enter the world of equality, sharing, compassion, solidarity, collaboration, common prosperity.

With the “Back to the Body” approach, we can have a more equitable view of life and the world. The focus of the “Back to the Body” approach is life on earth rather than in some invisible world. We work to be “happy here,” “prosperous here,” “peaceful here”–not in some imponderable “after life.”

Thus, the “Back to the Body” approach leads to love of life, love of people, love of the world, love of the planet earth. Our values are good health, prosperity, solidarity, collaboration, long life, and peaceful living.

Paulo-Juarez Pereira
Christmas Day 2012

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Author: Unknown
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