Month: September 2013

Syria: What’s to be done?

International affairs do not have to be complicated. This is the case of Syria today. What’s to be done? In a word, hegemony must be established for the side that seeks human rights and freedom. That side is being championed by the United States of America. On the struggle to establish hegemony, a crucial question

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Why Catalonia Should Stay…

The demonstrations for independence going on today in Catalonia are good–even beautiful. But an actual separation from Spain would be bad. A separate Catalonia would create an European state the size of the US State of Maryland. In a world in which territorial vastness and population size have implications for national stature and significance, separation

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Saving Syrians

We, humans, have been through many wars and have lived through horrible ordeals. In the Battle of Gettysburg, for instance, there were close to 50,000 people among those who were killed, wounded, or missing. But much has changed since the US Civil War. Our modern sensibilities demand a world that does not stand indifferent when

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