Let us Make 2015 the “Year of Walkball!”

Human Body by Davinci

Human Body by Davinci

In the “Back-to-the-Body” Perspective, we consider three areas of the human being: the “stomach,” the “brain,” and the “heart.” To live well means to be connected with each one of these three areas. Each requires a special way of connection, a special way of care. In this article, I will discuss how the game “Walkball” is a good way to care for each area of life and well-being.

The Stomach in Partnership with Legs and Feet

Legs and Feet

Legs and Feet

The foundation of all health and well-being is centered on stomach, legs, and feet. All good things start from this area. All creativity, all action, all strength originate from the stomach area. The human will, which is the driving force for all that takes place in life, comes from the stomach area. Vitality, strength, courage, zest for life—all those things have their origin in the stomach area.

The best way to stimulate the stomach area is through legs and feet. The seat of personal power is in the stomach area. The most effective way to activate and energize our personal power is through the movement of legs and feet. In fact, the best way to enhance and maintain our personal health is through the movement of legs and feet. Walking, therefore, is the best way to maintain ourselves in good shape and good health.

The Brain in Partnership with Eyes and Mouth

Brain, Eyes, and Mouth

Brain, Eyes, and Mouth

The brain, the eyes, and the mouth make up the area connected with the mind, the mental functions, the communications abilities, and the development of language. The brain represents the noble area of the body—but it is important to understand what nobility is, and what the purpose of nobility is.

All the cells, tissues, and organs of the human body have the same origin. They all come from the same two original cells—a female cell and a male cell. And yet, as the body develops, the cells of the various areas separate themselves into different functions. The cells, then, are classified as “noble” and “general.”

What is, then, nobility? What is the purpose of nobility? In society, who is a noble person? A person is noble if this person has a function that affects the whole society. Such a person we consider “honorable.” This is someone who performs a function that affects the lives of our individuals in society. They are “noble” and “honorable,” because they can serve society in a way that is important for the lives of a lot of people.

A noble person serves the society

Nobility means service

In the same way, we can say that certain cells in the human body are noble. They perform functions that are crucial for the health and well-being of the body. Such is the brain. The brain, then, is a noble part of the human body.

But let us not forget, though, that the brain is important because the brain exists to serve. If we compare this with the nation, we can say that the president of a nation is important because the president serves the whole nation. “Service,” then, is the source of nobility and importance. The servant of all is the noblest of all. The source of all nobility, then, comes from the scope of service.

This gives us a perspective of the function of the brain in the human body. The brain is there to serve the body. How does it do that? The brain serves the body by receiving the WILL from the body and by executing that will.

It is here, also, that we will find the correct way to understand the function of the eyes and the mouth. The eyes and the mouth, likewise, exist for the sake of expressing and executing the will of the body.

The Heart in Partnership with Arms and Hands

Heart is center of harmony

Heart is center of harmony

What is, then, the function of the heart in the human body? The heart is the center of balance. Through the heart we can harmonize our will with the wills of other people in society. We express our heart through arms and hands. That is how we express love, care, concern, solidarity, understanding.

What is love if we do not express it? How can a person feel love if there is no expression of love? And the best way to express love is through arms and hands. If we use words to express love, for instance, what are the words saying? A lot of times the words are expressing verbally what we wish to do physically, with arms and hands. This is the natural partnership between heart, arms, and hands.

Walkball—Play for Life

Walkball is unique in three ways: first, it is based on walking, which is the most effective way to enhance life and vitality in the human body. Moreover, since walking is something that we can do our entire lives, walkball is something that we can literally “play for life.” Finally, it will enhance the three elements of quality of life—namely, balance, flexibility, and strength. This means that, every time you play walkball, you are enhancing your quality of life.

From Spectators to Players

Walkball can change us from “spectators” to “players.” Is it not sad to see individuals who, in their youth, were active and fit, and then, later in life, become inactive? What effect does that have in a person’s well-being and zest for life? Inactivity paralyzes life.

Walkball solves that. It allows people to stay active and engaged for life. There is no reason to stop. And we know that, when a person moves, their whole well-being becomes enhanced.

Thus, let us make 2015 “The Year of Walkball!”

I conclude with a quote:

O if glorious nature is the daughter of a father, is not the daughter’s heart then his heart? Her innermost being, is it not He? But then, do I have it? do I know it?
Excerpt From: Friedrich Hölderlin & Ross Benjamin. Hyperion. iBooks.

Paulo-Juarez Pereira
Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA
January 12, 2015 — “The Year of Walkball”

Photo Credits:

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2 comments on “Let us Make 2015 the “Year of Walkball!”

  1. Michael Malley
    January 15, 2015 at 3:23 pm #

    Still trying to add Brazilian flair to a walking version of soccer – we can ask Pele for his critical review and ask if he approves?

    • Paulo-Juarez Pereira
      January 19, 2015 at 9:21 am #

      I believe Pelé would approve. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could once again see those incredible skills? Pelé still has them, I am sure. So, Walkball could give him an opportunity to care for and display those wonderful skills. And he could do this for life!

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