Month: February 2015

Ash Wednesday: A “Back-the-Body” Perspective

The core purpose of the “Back-to-the-Body” Perspective is to ferret out the natural way of living. Today is February 18, 2015. This is Ash Wednesday—the day after Carnival. In this article, I discuss the meaning of Ash Wednesday from the “Back-to-the-Body” Perspective.

Carnival: Saying Goodbye to Meat… and to Flesh

The celebration of carnival can be understood only in the context of the Judeo-Christian belief in the Human Fall and in the atonement that people need to make in order to return to their original status. Every year the Christians celebrate this belief through the period of Lent, which begins with Ash Wednesday and lasts

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Winter 2014-15: A “Back-to-the-Body” Perspective

As I write this article, I look out my living-room window, and I gaze upon a sea of whiteness bathed in golden light. The broad sway of the trees tells me the wind is drifting snow from side to side. This is a good day to write about the winter as one of the seasons

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