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Caring for the Heart–A “Back-to-the-Body” Perspective

It used to be that the topic of breathing was interesting mostly to followers of New-Age movements and Eastern-inspired thought systems. But in today’s Wall Street Journal, breathing was featured as a main article (Sumathi Reddy, “Breathing for Your Better Health,” 27 Jan 2015). According to the author, “slow, deep and consistent breathing has been

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Going Beyond The Social Revolution: A “Back-to-the-Body” Perspective

Today the world remembers the revolutionary turmoils of the 1950s and 1960s—especially the Civil Rights Movement in the United States of America. We remember especially the work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a social activist who fought for racial integration in the United States. Dr. King was part of the social revolutions of the

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Das Herz Spürt Alles —das Gute und das Schlimme— Aber die Hoffnung Kommt aus dem Guten

Die Menschen, die Führung im Bereich des Herzens übernehmen, darauf hinweisen, was gut ist und was schlimm ist. Aber die Hochherzigkeit und die Geistesgröße herstammen davon, dass die von diesen Menschen bekundeten Zukunftsvorstellung und Gesellschaftsvision eher von zuversichtlicher Hoffnung als von Schuldzuweisung gefärbt werden. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. zeigte zum Beispiel das, was bös

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It is Darkest Right Before Dawn: The Key to Happiness

It seems we have made so much progress—and yet, why is it that the world appears no closer to the peace and prosperity we all desire? Consider religion-based wars; consider the spread of obesity; and consider the devastation of depression. Yes, these are the three great scourges of our time, and so many people put

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Elecciones en Estados Unidos — 2014

El Presidente Abraham Lincoln, en su discurso durante la Dedicatoria del Cementerio Nacional de los Soldados en Gettysburg (1863), nos recordó a nosotros que todas las personas son creadas iguales y que debemos consagrarnos a la gran tarea de que “el gobierno del pueblo, por el pueblo y para el pueblo” no desaparezca de la Tierra. Ningún otro día muestra más

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Norteños y Sureños: ¿Qué Podemos Aprender de las Elecciones de 2014 en el Brasil?

Las elecciones presidenciales de 2014 en el Brasil nos muestran un país dividido en Norte y Sur. La mitad del país sigue por un lado, y la otra mitad sigue por otro. Hubo mucha celebración por parte de aquellos que quisieron mantener el país en la misma ruta en que se encontraba, pero hubo también

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Alliances: The Right and the Left—A Back-to-the-Body Perspective

My native country, Brazil, is in the process of electing a new head of state—and there is a possibility that the nation will choose to wobble from the Left to the Right. It is good to alternate like this, between the Left and the Right—just like people, when they walk, alternate between the left step

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Heart and Culture: the New Force

In other articles in this blog, I have been proposing a view of NATION that includes three parts: the people, government, and culture. Under this scenario, CULTURE plays the role of HEART; the people play the role of stomach; and the government plays the role of brain. In this article I will consider further the

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The Catholic Church Embraces Gays

A prominent feature in the Wall Street Journal today (14 Oct. 2014) was entitled “The Vatican Signals More Tolerance on Gays, Divorce.” I would like to take this WST article as a springboard to deal with homosexuality from the Back-to-the-Body Perspective.

Elections and Good Governance: A Back-to-the-Body Perspective

Within two weeks, there will be presidential elections in Brazil—and people’s hopes again rise that the country will put away its troubles and face a brighter future. In this article I will consider again the topic of good governance as a reflection of a good life in our own physical bodies. Thus, we go to

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