Category: Cultural Revolution

Brazil as Paradigm: New Economy, New Government, and New Culture

That neither politics nor the economy is working well in our modern world hardly needs be proved: there is plenty of evidence for it. In this article, I would like to offer BRAZIL as a paradigm of how three kinds of solutions can be applied to make the world better. I do this from the

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Alliances: The Right and the Left—A Back-to-the-Body Perspective

My native country, Brazil, is in the process of electing a new head of state—and there is a possibility that the nation will choose to wobble from the Left to the Right. It is good to alternate like this, between the Left and the Right—just like people, when they walk, alternate between the left step

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Heart and Culture: the New Force

In other articles in this blog, I have been proposing a view of NATION that includes three parts: the people, government, and culture. Under this scenario, CULTURE plays the role of HEART; the people play the role of stomach; and the government plays the role of brain. In this article I will consider further the

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Ferguson, USA: A New Opportunity for Racial Integration

Events in Ferguson present a new opportunity for racial integration in the United States. This little town of St. Louis County, in the State of Missouri, took center stage on Saturday, August 9, 2014, when 18-year old Michael Brown was shot and killed by a Ferguson police officer. A crisis ensued, caused by public protests

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Zurück zum Paradies: Eine Gegenkultur / Gegen-Gehirn Revolution

Ich bin in den Sechzigerjahren von Italien nach den USA gezogen. Obwohl ich in Brasilien geboren bin, studierte ich in Italien in den Sechzigerjahren und ich bin davon nach den USA ausgewandert. In den USA bin ich nach San Francisco, Kalifornien, geflogen, weil ich als BA-Student an der University of San Francisco aufgenommen worden war.