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Ebola: Acting Early, Decisively, and Long Enough

Is there a similarity between defending a country against a crazy ideology and defending a country against a lethal virus? In this article, I will consider that question and will conclude that, in fact, there are similarities between the two struggles. I have actually written an article about the Vietnam War, discussing how the US

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The Catholic Church Embraces Gays

A prominent feature in the Wall Street Journal today (14 Oct. 2014) was entitled “The Vatican Signals More Tolerance on Gays, Divorce.” I would like to take this WST article as a springboard to deal with homosexuality from the Back-to-the-Body Perspective.

Elections and Good Governance: A Back-to-the-Body Perspective

Within two weeks, there will be presidential elections in Brazil—and people’s hopes again rise that the country will put away its troubles and face a brighter future. In this article I will consider again the topic of good governance as a reflection of a good life in our own physical bodies. Thus, we go to

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Scotland Stays in the UK: A Back-to-the-Body Perspective

I am delighted that the Scots have decided to continue to be a part of the United Kingdom, creating a single political unity together with England, Northern Ireland, and Wales. In this article, I will look at some of the issues involved in the Scots’ decision. I will draw insights from the Back-to-the-Body Perspective and

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What the Body Says About the Federal Government

The perspective I have been developing is called the Back-to-the-Body Perspective. It assumes that “the truth is within you,” namely, in your flesh, in your bone, in your body. The postulate of this perspective is that the human body is the paradigm of any organization, including the government. In fact, the body has suggestions on

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Why Argentina Defaults? A Consideration from the Back-to-the-Body Perspective

I have been saying that the Back-to-the-Body perspective helps in solving social problems. Well, one such problem is Argentina’s difficulty in meeting her sovereign-debt obligations (“Argentine Talks Lift Small ‘Holdouts’” (The Wall Street Journal, 7 July 2014, p. C1). In this post I make certain considerations about the body and then apply the Back-to-the-Body perspective

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What Is Different about a War of Ideologies

What the United States and its allies fought in Vietnam was not a country or a people, but rather an ideology—namely, Communism. What the United States and its allies are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan is not a country or a people, but rather an ideology—namely, religionism (see the definition of religionism here).

Abdica el Rey de España: ¿Qué cambia en España?

Don Juan Carlos I anunció hoy su decisión de abdicar como monarca de España, declarando: Hoy merece pasar a la primera línea una generación más joven, con nuevas energías, decidida a emprender con determinación las transformaciones y reformas que la coyuntura actual está demandando y a afrontar con renovada intensidad y dedicación los desafíos del

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Servicio de Salud — ¿A quién le toca proporcionarlo?

Suele decirse que la salud es un derecho humano perteneciente a toda persona, sin tomar en cuenta su condición económica o social. Pero, ¿qué proceso utilizan los Estados para financiar y  gestionar este derecho? Como ejemplo, cito la Ley General de Sanidad de España, de 1986. Dice el texto de la ley:

The Body and the Economy

Macroeconomic discussions flood the airwaves and news media today. The world struggles to plot a course amidst economic crises. Most discussions are centered on macroeconomic terms, such as: government shutdown, debt ceiling, sequester, continuing resolution, US Treasury bonds as international currency, entitlement reform, escalating healthcare costs, care for the elderly, carbon dioxide emissions, energy independence,

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