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Caring for the Heart–A “Back-to-the-Body” Perspective

It used to be that the topic of breathing was interesting mostly to followers of New-Age movements and Eastern-inspired thought systems. But in today’s Wall Street Journal, breathing was featured as a main article (Sumathi Reddy, “Breathing for Your Better Health,” 27 Jan 2015). According to the author, “slow, deep and consistent breathing has been

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Brazil as Paradigm: New Economy, New Government, and New Culture

That neither politics nor the economy is working well in our modern world hardly needs be proved: there is plenty of evidence for it. In this article, I would like to offer BRAZIL as a paradigm of how three kinds of solutions can be applied to make the world better. I do this from the

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Die Deutschen—betrachtet durch den Denkansatz “Zurück zum Körper”

Die Deutschen sehen sich selbst besonders kritisch. Ich bin aber ein Außenstehender und als ein solcher kann ich vielleicht einen objektiveren Blick auf die Deutschen gewinnen. In diesem Artikel werde ich die Meinung vertreten, dass die Deutschen nach dem Mauerfall einen Wiedergeburt durchlebt haben und nun ganz anders als in der Vergangenheit sind.

Heart and Culture: the New Force

In other articles in this blog, I have been proposing a view of NATION that includes three parts: the people, government, and culture. Under this scenario, CULTURE plays the role of HEART; the people play the role of stomach; and the government plays the role of brain. In this article I will consider further the

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