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Cain and Martha: The Rejected Ones Come Home

In Heilsgeschichte, or Principle of Restoration, there is always a child that is left behind or a woman that is less loved. At some point in history–and I believe this point is now, namely, after 2012–there comes a time when a reckoning must be made with all of these children left behind and women who

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Let’s Make 2016 a Great Year—A Year of Hope!

I am very hopeful for 2016. I see progress in the three areas that must be improved in the world if we are to have peace and prosperity for all. The three crucial areas are: the liberation of women, the eradication of poverty, and the inclusion of disadvantaged children in education.

A Heart Divided: The Poisoning of the Spirit

The natural motivation for the heart is the search for happiness, which culminates in joy. But joy is based on trust—this fundamental faith in life and in the goodness of life. If the trust is broken, the heart suffers and becomes sick. When that happens, the heart may become bitter and resentful.Thus, faith in people,

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The Vietnam War and the Struggle Against Terrorism

The purpose of this post is to compare and contrast the Vietnam War and the ongoing Struggle Against Terrorism. I will describe what I believe went RIGHT in Vietnam, as an effort to gain insight about the US action in the Struggle Against Terrorism. In fact, I believe the Vietnam War can be seen as

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Racial Harmony: Who Must Change?

The death of Michael Brown on August 9, 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri, raised again the issue of freedom for the black race and racial harmony. Advocates for freedom usually talk in terms of changing the world in order to make conditions favorable to freedom. In this post I will argue that the efforts to change

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