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Vivir Feliz: Cómo Desbravar el Camino del Corazón

Según Nietzsche, la espiritualidad se desarrolla en tres etapas: camello, león y niño. Dice Nietzsche en Also Sprach Zarathustra: Tres transformaciones del espíritu os menciono: cómo el espíritu se convierte en camello, y el camello en león, y el león, por fin, en niño. (“Drei Verwandlungen nenne ich euch des Geistes: wie der Geist zum

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Depression: One of the Scourges Our 21st Century

I have been calling an alert about three scourges of the 21st century: obesity, religionism (see definition), and depression. Sufferers of depression can camouflage their condition through denial or because of shame and lack of information. In this article I will provide insights about depression from the perspective of spirituality. I contend that spirituality can

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What Is Different about a War of Ideologies

What the United States and its allies fought in Vietnam was not a country or a people, but rather an ideology—namely, Communism. What the United States and its allies are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan is not a country or a people, but rather an ideology—namely, religionism (see the definition of religionism here).

How Dogmatic Is the Back-to-the-Body Perspective?

It isn’t. The Back-to-the-Body perspective does not utter dogmas. Every affirmation from the Back-to-the-Body perspective follows the Biblical principle that you can know a tree by its fruits (Matthew Chapter 7). The effort is to stay in contact with reality, to check the “fruits,” to stay humble in face of the immense wisdom contained in

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What is wrong with the Country

By country I do not mean any particular country, but rather, country in general. It could apply to Brazil, my native land, or to the United States of America, my country of citizenship and residence. And what I write, I do so as an inspirational spiritualist writer and speaker, rather than as a political scientist

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