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Brazil as Paradigm: New Economy, New Government, and New Culture

That neither politics nor the economy is working well in our modern world hardly needs be proved: there is plenty of evidence for it. In this article, I would like to offer BRAZIL as a paradigm of how three kinds of solutions can be applied to make the world better. I do this from the

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The Catholic Church Embraces Gays

A prominent feature in the Wall Street Journal today (14 Oct. 2014) was entitled “The Vatican Signals More Tolerance on Gays, Divorce.” I would like to take this WST article as a springboard to deal with homosexuality from the Back-to-the-Body Perspective.

Der Denkansatz “Zurück zum Körper” und die religiösen Symbole

Die Neuheit des Denkansatzes “Zurück zum Körper” besteht darin, dass wir eine eindeutige Sprache benutzen. Hierbei wenden wir keine Symbole oder Gleichnisse an, sondern ausschließlich klare Ausdrücke.