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Production, Distribution, and Consumption: A View from the Body

Suppose, for a moment, that it is true that all social institutions resemble the body of a human being. Is this not a good standard to achieve consensus and collaboration? Suppose a Jew, a Christian, a Muslim, a communist, and a capitalist were to get together and discuss how they could collaborate to form a

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Children: A Back-to-the-Body Perspective

Children, like everyone today, are undergoing a cultural change. They suffer from legal strictures, from educational requirements, from societal pressures. If you are in pre-kindergarten and haven’t yet devised your undergraduate career path, you may be left behind. In this article, I will deal with the position of children from the Back-to-the-Body Perspective. I will argue

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Relaxation: A Back-to-the-Body Perspectiveown re

Life is stressful just from the nature of it—and our times seem particularly so. Of the three banes afflicting humankind today—namely, obesity, religion-based wars, and depression—I will deal with the third one; specifically, the importance of relaxation for mental health. I will, first, review the basics of the back-to-the-body perspective as applied to mental health.

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South America and Africa—the Heart of the World

Like Africa, Brazil is part of the heart of the world. This is a place where people can express the joys of the heart through the sounds and movements of the body. Carnival is a good example of expressions of the heart.

Man’s Will, Woman’s Treasure

When a man has a clear, benevolent, and abiding will, he has a chance to establish a good relationship with a woman.

Spirit and Heart: A Back-to-the-body Perspective

The Irish world champion professional snooker player Ken Doherty once said, “The five S’s of sports training are: stamina, speed, strength, skill, and spirit; but the greatest of these is spirit.” — Ken Doherty But what is spirit, actually? How do you recognize spirit? How do you develop it? In this article, I consider “spirit” from

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Airbus A320 der Germanwings

Wovon dann kommt das Übel? Was ist die Quelle des Verbrechens? Im Denkansatz “Zurück zum Körper” bieten wir an, dass die Quelle des Verbrechens das Gehirn ist. In Genesis ist das Gehirn als “Der Baum der Erkenntnis von Gut und Böse” genannt.

The Art of Gratitude

This article talks about the power that we have to create the quality of our own lives. In spite of external circumstances, we can always find beauty in our surroundings, if we look for it. Also, in every action, we can find the bad or the good, depending on our choice. If we find the bad, we may have to forgive the person who did it–and that is a messy path. If we find the good, we can just express gratitude–and that is a constructive and happy path.

ISIS: A “Back-to-the-Body” Perspective

ISIS, or Islamic State, is not a problem “out there” but rather a problem that affect all of us. The solution for ISIS is to begin to regard the world as a living body consisting of many parts. Though many, we must be one: E pluribus, unum.

Ash Wednesday: A “Back-the-Body” Perspective

The core purpose of the “Back-to-the-Body” Perspective is to ferret out the natural way of living. Today is February 18, 2015. This is Ash Wednesday—the day after Carnival. In this article, I discuss the meaning of Ash Wednesday from the “Back-to-the-Body” Perspective.