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Drei Generationen, die die Welt Verwendelten

Im 20. Jahrhundert gab es in der Welt Verändungen, davon die Menschen in früheren Zeiten nur träumen könnten. Dieses Prozess dauerte drei Generationen, wie folgt. Durch den Ersten Weltkrieg verloren die Königshäuser ihre Macht. Die Frauen gewannen ihr Abstimmungsrecht. Durch den Zweiten Weltkrieg sind neue Recht an die Menschen angekommen. Die Frauen gewannen ihr Recht

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World Peace: Healing through Love

The message of Christmas is the hope for world peace. What, then, is the path toward peace? Is there a pattern that we can follow in order to achieve the cherished goal of peace for all humankind?

Ebola: Acting Early, Decisively, and Long Enough

Is there a similarity between defending a country against a crazy ideology and defending a country against a lethal virus? In this article, I will consider that question and will conclude that, in fact, there are similarities between the two struggles. I have actually written an article about the Vietnam War, discussing how the US

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Zurück zum Paradies: Eine Gegenkultur / Gegen-Gehirn Revolution

Ich bin in den Sechzigerjahren von Italien nach den USA gezogen. Obwohl ich in Brasilien geboren bin, studierte ich in Italien in den Sechzigerjahren und ich bin davon nach den USA ausgewandert. In den USA bin ich nach San Francisco, Kalifornien, geflogen, weil ich als BA-Student an der University of San Francisco aufgenommen worden war.

What Is Different about a War of Ideologies

What the United States and its allies fought in Vietnam was not a country or a people, but rather an ideology—namely, Communism. What the United States and its allies are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan is not a country or a people, but rather an ideology—namely, religionism (see the definition of religionism here).

Vladimir Putin’s Threat to Europe and the Battle of Khe Sanh of 1968

What is the relationship between the current threat to Europe posed by Vladimir Putin and the Battle of Khe Sanh of 1968? As I see it, there is much that we can learn from the US victory in the battle of Khe Sanh in 1968. The lessons gleaned from 1968 in Vietnam can help us

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Commemorating John F. Kennedy’s Death: 50th Anniversary

Today the nation of the United States of America commemorates the anniversary of the death of Pres. John F. Kennedy in Dallas in 1963. I would like to take a moment today to ponder how those events in Dallas altered the course of my life and changed it completely. Two months prior to Kennedy’s assassination,

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Servicio de Salud — ¿A quién le toca proporcionarlo?

Suele decirse que la salud es un derecho humano perteneciente a toda persona, sin tomar en cuenta su condición económica o social. Pero, ¿qué proceso utilizan los Estados para financiar y  gestionar este derecho? Como ejemplo, cito la Ley General de Sanidad de España, de 1986. Dice el texto de la ley:

General Võ Nguyên Giáp: Shattered Dreams of a Surrendering Heart and Mind

General Võ Nguyên Giáp (1912-2013) died on October 4th. This dreamer of a perfect country of Vietnam, with pure blood and freedom from foreigners, lived to see many of his people disillusioned and anxious to leave Vietnam even at the risk at their lives. General Giap was the pure warrior who obeyed his leader’s command

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