The 21st Century is the century of the heart. This is the hope that all of humankind cherish. This page is dedicated to the development of rituals based on the Back-to-the-Body Perspective.

Rituals: How to Revere and Nourish Life

Since the tenets and teachings of the Back-to-the-Body Perspective do not emanate from revelation but rather are based on the observation of the body itself, the first question to ask is this: What are the natural rhythms of the body? The rhythms of the body follow the spectrum of space and time and can be compared to the earth’s rhythm of four seasons, as follows:

The Rhythms of the Body

SEASONS                 TIME (12-hour clock)
Spring:                          3:00 AM – 9:00 AM
Summer:                       9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
NOON TIME:               12:00 PM
Autumn:                         3:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Winter:                           9:00 PM – 3:00 AM

SEASONS                 TIME (24-hour clock)
Spring:                           0300 – 0900
Summer:                        0900 – 1500
NOON TIME:               1200
Autumn:                         1500 – 2100
Winter:                            2100 – 0300

SEASONS                 Activity in Four Seasons
Spring:                         Awake / Prepare for Day
Summer:                      Work
NOON TIME:              Moment of Joy
Autumn:                       Celebrate with Friends and Family
Winter:                          Sleep

SEASONS                 Five Types of Mindfulness / Prayer
Spring:                         Heart  / Gratitude
Summer:                      Stomach / Purpose
NOON TIME:             Moment of Joy
Autumn:                       Brain / Forgiveness
Winter:                         Oneness / Surrender

SEASONS                 Expression for the Season
Spring:                          Sing
Summer:                      Dance
NOON TIME:             Moment of Joy
Autumn:                      Tell Jokes / Reminisce
Winter:                        Be Peaceful

SEASONS                 Element for Each Season (Based on Chinese Philosophy)
Spring:                          Fire
Summer:                      Earth
NOON TIME:              Wood
Autumn:                       Metal
Winter:                         Water

SEASONS                 Religious Teachings
Spring:                          Islam
Summer:                      Judaism
NOON TIME:              Moment of Joy
Autumn:                       Christianity
Winter:                         Spirituality

SEASONS                 Political Engagement
Spring:                         Constitution
Summer:                      Right Wing
NOON TIME:              Bi-Partisanship
Autumn:                       Left Wing
Winter:                         Patriotism

SEASONS                 Feelings / Positive (to be affirmed)
Spring:                          Hope
Summer:                       Trust / Faith
NOON TIME:               Joy
Autumn:                         Forgiveness / Generosity
Winter:                           Detachment / Cessation of Action

SEASONS                 Feelings / Negative (to be avoided)
Spring:                          Pessimism
Summer:                      Resentment
NOON TIME:              Sadness
Autumn:                       Hoarding / Avarice
Winter:                         Worry

SEASONS                 Other Category (Please suggest)
Spring:                          xx
Summer:                       xx
NOON TIME:               xx
Autumn:                        xx
Winter:                          xx

This patterns of spirituality allows itself to become enriched by every type of spirituality that exists in the world. Here we find no limitations. Anything that celebrates life, that enhances life, or that nourishes life can be included. Perhaps it comes from the East, or from the West, or from the North, or from the South: It does not matter. Every sincere, beautiful, and true celebration can be acknowledged and included.

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