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Victory or Defeat: Each Brings Its Own Challenges

A World Cup produces victories and defeats. Out of 32 teams, 31 will eventually go home defeated at some level. The last victory and the last defeat will happen today—July 13, 2014—when Argentina and Germany play for the title of World Champion. One might think that the victorious team will be showered with total bliss,

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Depression: One of the Scourges Our 21st Century

I have been calling an alert about three scourges of the 21st century: obesity, religionism (see definition), and depression. Sufferers of depression can camouflage their condition through denial or because of shame and lack of information. In this article I will provide insights about depression from the perspective of spirituality. I contend that spirituality can

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¿Cuáles son las consecuencias de la Perspectiva De Regreso al Cuerpo?

Las personas que están siguiendo las discusiones acerca de la Perspectiva De Regreso al Cuerpo podrían preguntarse: ¿Cuáles son las consecuencias de la Perspectiva de Regreso al Cuerpo? ¿Qué diferencia hace en la vida práctica mirar al mundo desde esta perspectiva? La consecuencia más importante es la liberación del estómago y del corazón. Desde hace

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What Is Different about a War of Ideologies

What the United States and its allies fought in Vietnam was not a country or a people, but rather an ideology—namely, Communism. What the United States and its allies are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan is not a country or a people, but rather an ideology—namely, religionism (see the definition of religionism here).

How Dogmatic Is the Back-to-the-Body Perspective?

It isn’t. The Back-to-the-Body perspective does not utter dogmas. Every affirmation from the Back-to-the-Body perspective follows the Biblical principle that you can know a tree by its fruits (Matthew Chapter 7). The effort is to stay in contact with reality, to check the “fruits,” to stay humble in face of the immense wisdom contained in

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What if we were to use the brain for enjoyment?

An article on the Wall Street Journal states that our brains are built for art appreciation (“Our Brains Are Made for Enjoying Art” by Ann Lukits, Wall Street Journal, June 16, 2014). http://on.wsj.com/1slEgiQ. For some reason, this struck me as an important finding about the brain and about life.

Comer con el cerebro, pensar con el corazón, sentir con el estómago

El ser humano tiene un aspecto creativo, un aspecto intelectual y un aspecto emotivo. Se puede decir que el ser humano es una “Sagrada Trinidad”. El adjetivo ‘sagrado” es usado aquí en el sentido de “natural”, lo que pertenece a uno por su propia naturaleza, o lo que se presenta como un fenómeno natural. Utilizo

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Do Ideas Matter?

Ideas about life have always whirled around us, sometimes in contradictory fashion. But usually the main issue is to obtain answers to questions such as, “What is most important?” “What is the greatest value?” “What is a worthy goal for my efforts?” The search for truth has always been an arduous path. But in the

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