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Let’s Make 2016 a Great Year—A Year of Hope!

I am very hopeful for 2016. I see progress in the three areas that must be improved in the world if we are to have peace and prosperity for all. The three crucial areas are: the liberation of women, the eradication of poverty, and the inclusion of disadvantaged children in education.

Relaxation: A Back-to-the-Body Perspectiveown re

Life is stressful just from the nature of it—and our times seem particularly so. Of the three banes afflicting humankind today—namely, obesity, religion-based wars, and depression—I will deal with the third one; specifically, the importance of relaxation for mental health. I will, first, review the basics of the back-to-the-body perspective as applied to mental health.

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ISIS: A “Back-to-the-Body” Perspective

ISIS, or Islamic State, is not a problem “out there” but rather a problem that affect all of us. The solution for ISIS is to begin to regard the world as a living body consisting of many parts. Though many, we must be one: E pluribus, unum.

The Horror and the Sublime: Ecce Homo

How can we humans atone for the crimes we have committed? In this article, I write about war and what I consider the counterpart to war, namely, unification.

World Peace: Healing through Love

The message of Christmas is the hope for world peace. What, then, is the path toward peace? Is there a pattern that we can follow in order to achieve the cherished goal of peace for all humankind?

Die Deutschen—betrachtet durch den Denkansatz “Zurück zum Körper”

Die Deutschen sehen sich selbst besonders kritisch. Ich bin aber ein Außenstehender und als ein solcher kann ich vielleicht einen objektiveren Blick auf die Deutschen gewinnen. In diesem Artikel werde ich die Meinung vertreten, dass die Deutschen nach dem Mauerfall einen Wiedergeburt durchlebt haben und nun ganz anders als in der Vergangenheit sind.

Racial Harmony: Who Must Change?

The death of Michael Brown on August 9, 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri, raised again the issue of freedom for the black race and racial harmony. Advocates for freedom usually talk in terms of changing the world in order to make conditions favorable to freedom. In this post I will argue that the efforts to change

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Why Russia Fails—Again and Again

In this post I will offer an explanation about the quandary in which the United States finds itself again and again in its relationship with Russia, and a possible solution for this quandary. A suggestion is made that it behooves both the United States and Russia to find a way to work together. I will

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As We Celebrate the Invasion of Normandy 70 Years Ago, Let us Not forget that World War II Could Have Been Prevented

There never was a war in all history easier to prevent by timely action than the one which has just desolated such great areas of the globe. (Winston Churchill, “The Sinews of Peace” Speech, Fulton, Missouri, USA. March 5, 1946.) In the month of June 2014 we are celebrating the heroic deeds and events of

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