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Let’s Make 2016 a Great Year—A Year of Hope!

I am very hopeful for 2016. I see progress in the three areas that must be improved in the world if we are to have peace and prosperity for all. The three crucial areas are: the liberation of women, the eradication of poverty, and the inclusion of disadvantaged children in education.

Elecciones en Estados Unidos — 2014

El Presidente Abraham Lincoln, en su discurso durante la Dedicatoria del Cementerio Nacional de los Soldados en Gettysburg (1863), nos recordó a nosotros que todas las personas son creadas iguales y que debemos consagrarnos a la gran tarea de que “el gobierno del pueblo, por el pueblo y para el pueblo” no desaparezca de la Tierra. Ningún otro día muestra más

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Racial Harmony: Who Must Change?

The death of Michael Brown on August 9, 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri, raised again the issue of freedom for the black race and racial harmony. Advocates for freedom usually talk in terms of changing the world in order to make conditions favorable to freedom. In this post I will argue that the efforts to change

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Courts Are the Heart of the Nation

I applaud the decision by the Supreme Court of the United States of America in the case Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, issued on June 30, 2014. Through this case, it was upheld that the people who found a company have the right to run their business “in accordance with their religious beliefs and moral

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The Body and the Economy

Macroeconomic discussions flood the airwaves and news media today. The world struggles to plot a course amidst economic crises. Most discussions are centered on macroeconomic terms, such as: government shutdown, debt ceiling, sequester, continuing resolution, US Treasury bonds as international currency, entitlement reform, escalating healthcare costs, care for the elderly, carbon dioxide emissions, energy independence,

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What is wrong with the Country

By country I do not mean any particular country, but rather, country in general. It could apply to Brazil, my native land, or to the United States of America, my country of citizenship and residence. And what I write, I do so as an inspirational spiritualist writer and speaker, rather than as a political scientist

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Syria: What’s to be done?

International affairs do not have to be complicated. This is the case of Syria today. What’s to be done? In a word, hegemony must be established for the side that seeks human rights and freedom. That side is being championed by the United States of America. On the struggle to establish hegemony, a crucial question

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